Discovering the best tourist destinations of Laos with grandeur

Laos is a Southeast Asian country that has isolated itself from the rest of the world due to its extensive geography. However, this isolation has favored tourism and made the country the most looked after travel destinations that will give you a trip of Heritage. The tours typically design for exploring the state will provide you with an aura of the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle of the people alongside their rich, vibrant culture. This has interested people from all around the world to make visits to this incredible country every year.

We have jotted down a few tourist destinations that you should not miss while in Laos.

Si Phan Don

This place can be termed majestic. The term means 4000 Islands, which make up this city and the Mekong river that crosses through these islands. Strong currents make it impossible for people to prove the majority of the river. However, you can get a glimpse of boating and kayaking in certain parts. Also, if you are lucky, you may spot some of the highly endangered Irrawaddy dolphins at the Khone falls nearby.

Plain of jars

It is not a regular sight to see a land stretch filled with ancient jars. Had it been in other countries, these jars wouldn’t have survived for so many years or even centuries and would collapse during land expansions or stolen for their values. However, this is not the case in Laos. The popularity of this place makes most of the laws to include it in their packages. Situated near the town of Phonsavan, these jars also depict the burial practices of the ancient Laotian culture.

Pha That Luang

This is one of the most critical infrastructures of the country. Being golden in color, this stupa is very difficult to be missed from afar. It is located in Vientiane with many terraces to represent the stages of Buddhist enlightenment. It was built in the 16th century on top of the Khmer temple ruins, an exhibit a significantly rich cultural heritage. You will enjoy every bit of being in Pha That Liang and create your memories.

Luang Prabang

Popularly known as the world heritage city, this province is undoubtedly the most beautiful area in Laos. It is situated quite close to the Mekong river and has a wide range of high valleys. The city was also known as the kingdom of a million elephants during ancient times. Since you have to cover the entire province on foot, you cannot hire a conveyance. You will be mesmerizing to notice that the whole region remains intact in its beauty and historical significance.

Tham Ting

Tham Ting is also known as the park of holy caves. It is quite unusual and is located above the Mekong River. This amazing sanctuary is home to many Buddha statues and speaks for the religion of people in Laos. It is believed that whenever to allow visits, one of the caves has to leave a Buddha statue as a sign of reverence and respect. This is precisely the reason why every year, the number of figures increase inside the caves.

Laos is the area that is surrounded by mountains and the massive Mekong River, thereby making it difficult for cars and other modes of conveyance is to access the country quickly. However, with tuk-tuk and other traditional motorcycle wheeling a wagon with two benches, you can enjoy your lover’s vacations at the fullest.…

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