Best Places to travel in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country and it is much popular all across the globe. The beauty of this place needs no introduction.

There are several tourist attractions in Greece that are simply mind-blowing. The beautiful landscapes and scenarios here will leave you speechless. The delicious food culture, beverages will awake your foodie soul. Most importantly the locals here are much friendly.

Greece seems to be a destination that looks like a pure fairy tale. 

The Greek Gods never fail to impress. The country is also enriched with history so if you are a history lover then this place is no doubt ideal for you.

No matter Greece offers a lot more to do in your vacation, whether its the architecture or the locals, everything is simply awesome.

If you are planning a vacation towards Greece then this travel guide is going to be much helpful for you. In this travel guide, you will find the best places to travel in Greece during your trip. 

This shortlist will help you to save your time during your travel in Greece.


After the occurrence of 2004, the Athens has shown its awesome side to the travelers.

It is no doubt one of the top places to travel to Greece.

This place is well known because of its modern architecture, subways, streets, and warm locals. 

The extraordinary places to visit for travelers include the mythology here and the modernism.

This city boosts up the stunning modern architecture of Greece and historical monuments as well.

You will find several places to visit here ranging from the pillars of the Acropolis towards the Temple of the Zeus and many more numbers in a row.

The top tourist attractions here include the national gardens with their beautiful flowers, the artifacts of the New Acropolis Museum, spectacular views from Mount Lycabettus, the charming ruins at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Greek temple of Erectheum, hills of the Ancient Agora, and much more.

Visitors are also allowed to conduct different museum tours, historical sight tours, and entertainment trips.

Chania Town

The Chania Town is the center of attraction in the Old Venetian Harbor. 

The lighthouse here is much charming and it delivers splendid views from all over the town.

Different travelers find there way staring off into the sea here.

Make sure to enjoy the colorful boats and the ancient architecture in the Old Venetian harbor, beautifully decorated botanical park, the artifacts at the Chania Venetian Lighthouse, the beautiful display of the Ancient Greek Culture, the Iguana Beach and the golden sand of Agii Apostoli Beach, the Topolia Gorge and the Venetian Fortress.

The historical travel destinations include the Old Venetian Harbour and the Church of Agios Nikolaos.

The food cuisines here are loved by everyone. 

If you are a nature lover or a history lover then this place is ideal for you.

Make sure to add this place in your list as well and visit it too during your stay in Greece, it is worth visiting.